Retired athlete - or soon to be...

Do you feel like it's time to 
leverage your sports career and create new opportunities to be excited about?

If you've ever worried whether your best days are behind you, take action and find your new mission!

Do you still want to be great - but not sure what you want to be great at?

Finding a mission in life after sports that you can be totally excited about, is rarely as simple as "having something to fall back on". 
This summit will guide you through the process of finding your new mission in 3 steps

1) Foundation -Find out who you are beyond sport and what you stand for

2) Participation - Putting yourself out there 

3) Inspiration - Gathering insight from different lines of work and business

Without a framework like this, it can easily take athletes ten years or more to "figure it out." Or worse even, you find out 20 years down the line that you've been grinding on a track of life, that does not resonate with who you are at all.

So let's get you started...

You can watch previews of some of the sessions below as well as a full program at the bottom

Welcome to the Successful After Sports Summit!

Hosted by 2x Olympian, Anja Bolbjerg, Founder of Athlete Story

Watch previews of some of the sessions here

How to land your dream job in the sports industry
VP of Content at Work In Sports, Brian Clapp

Setting Yourself Up For A Productive Day
 Joe Jacobi, Olympic Champion in Whitewater Kayak Turned Performance Coach,

Hoe To Craft An Effective Elevator Pitch
David Meltzer, Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing 
& Investor on the show Elevator Pitch

Personal Branding For Athletes
Former Pro Basketball Player, Malcolm Lemmons, Founder of Players Points Sports & Author

Finding Your 'Personal Next'
Olympic Swimmer Melinda Harrison, Author of 'Personal Next'

Creating Your Own Product Line
Olympic Champion, Lydia Lassila. 
Founder of BodyIce

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I've laid it all out a little more clearly at the bottom of the page but first, let me welcome you properly! 

    Dear Former Athlete

    There's a void after sports for every athlete. When there's no more races, competitions or matches to look forward to. And team mates and colleagues are scattered all over the world. And you're no longer on a clear mission. 
    A void that sets in, when you realize that after years of sweat, sacrifice and fierce competition, this chapter of your life is over.

    "What now?"... "What's Next?" Maybe you are lucky enough to have an idea, but how do you make the best of it ? You want to feel engaged and accomplished again – Am I right ?

    My name is Anja Bolbjerg, I'm a 2x Olympic Moguls Skier and I'm here to tell you that... I know EXACTLY what all those questions feel like. I'm the founder of Athlete Story and I connect with athletes worldwide through my podcast and as a former athlete, coach and mentor. And I can tell you that if you've ever felt a bit of this void and doubt...

    You're Not Alone!
    The void after a sports career is real... and for many, it means feeling lost, stuck and disconnected. Like something is missing from their lives. 

    - Like life is somehow running away from you. 
    - Like your best days are behind you. 
    - Feeling confused, disoriented and without a clear direction. 
    - Like you're not sure who you are when you're no longer the elite athlete. 

    You can get sucked into that void and lose your momentum, determination and confidence – or you can repurpose your skills and your coachable champion mindset, by finding out out where to focus your energy next. Don't let it scatter out all over the place or end up in that void with you on the couch. 

    You can use the energy that was tied up in your sports career to:
    Create New Opportunities !
    But for that, you gotta know where you want to go. Why ? And with whom ? That's the tricky part. It takes some self assessment and preparation if you want to have influence on where life is taking you from here.
    Get Guidance Right Here!
    As you know, I've assembled an elite group of former athletes who have all been in THAT same spot where you have to re-define who you are and what you want. They've found ways to leverage the skills and experience from their sports career to open the next chapter of their lives and find fulfilment once again.

    With the downloadable audio files or watching the video sessions from this summit, you can tap into their experience here and listen into each session whenever it suits you.

    And to make it easier for you, I've summed up the main takeaways in a summit guide. It's been a lot of work but it's included when you buy the All-Access Pass. 

    You'll also get access to the sessions with our world class experts. I've asked them questions on behalf of all of us as former athletes, so you don't just get some generic formula. You'll learn what to do to condition yourself for life after sport, to develop habits and muscles that support both your mind and your mission. 

    Think of it as off-season prep work to help you get a clear vision of who you are and what you have to offer, so that you know what to leverage and what to develop in order to make a crossover that truly fits who you are and what you want from life.
    It's Not Too Late!
    In these sessions -all less than an hour long - you'll discover what could have otherwise taken years of trial and error. Don't waste any more time feeling stuck or without a clear mission. It doesn't matter how long ago you retired - this will still help you.

    Learn from those who've been in your shoes and discovered how to refind a purpose, tapping into the experience from their sports careers and learning on the go. 
    • How to prime yourself for great days that give you that sense of accomplishment
    • Where to look for leads about which professional directions will get you most excited
    • ​How to find a new mission that fits who you are and who to team up with
    • ​How to put yourself out there and communicate what you have to offer
    • ​How to build a personal brand and why it matters after your sports career
    • ​Different careers and businesses that you can crossover to without needing a long formal education
    • ​What to emphasize to leverage your athletic background to land your dream job
    • ​Insider knowledge on how to go from idea to your own full product line
    • ​Insight about starting an online business
    • ​Inspiration on how to create a business of organizing alternative sports events
    • ​And MUCH more…
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    *This group is for former full-time athletes only and by application. It's a private network and not meant for coaches, journalists, entourage or fans). For the sake of privacy, we have our own online platform independent of social media.

    **Bonuses are available after the live summit dates.
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    Meet Your Hand-Picked Panel of Experts That Are Going To Guide Your Success After Sports...
    1992 Olympic Gold Medalist in Whitewater Canoe Slalom

    How to Introduce A Start Line Routine to Get You “Warmed Up” to Win The Day

    2010 Olympic Gold Medalist Freestyle Skiing & Founder of BodyIce

    How To Create Your Own Product Line and Business

    2x Olympic Moguls Skier and Founder of Athlete Story

     How to find your VALUE beyond sports

    Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing and 
    Investor on "Elevator Pitch"

     How To Craft An Effective Elevator Pitch

    Director of Financial Wellness For Athletes at Money Management International

    Financial Wellness For Former Athletes

    Olympic Javelin thrower and Mindset Development Coach.

    Transferring Your Athletic Identity Into Life After Sports

    2000 Olympian & Athlete Transition Specialist

     How to Use Your Athlete Story to Serve Others– Public Speaking

    Founder of The Enneagram Institute of Denmark

    Who You Are Beyond Sports - Introducing The Enneagram Personality System

    1984 Olympian. Professional Coach

    9 Common PRACTICES for A Successful Career Transitions to Your Personal Next

    Founder and CEO of Valor Performance, Inc

    Insider Knowledge About Performance Coaching As A Career

    Founder of REWIND 

    Insider Knowledge About Starting An Online Business

    1996 Olympic Gold Medalist in Swimming.

    Making A Difference & Creating Opportunity by Giving First. Introducing The Athletes Village

    Author & Founder of Student-Athletes Unite

    Using A Networking System to Actually Make Sure You Connecting With People

     Founder, Inspired Performance Institute

     Trauma & Neuroscience. Free Yourself of What Might be Holding You Back 

    International Speaker, Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur

    Creating A Supportive Environment to Get Fired Up & The Engine Running

    VP of Content and Engaged Learning at

    Insider Knowledge to Land Your Dream Job Inside The Sports Industry

    Former Professional Athlete Author & Entrepreneur.

    What Every Athlete Needs To Know About Personal Branding After Sports

    Business Adviser & Career Coach

    How to Use LinkedIn to Build A Professional Network

    Founder of RiskIt  Media and Trailman events

    Insider Knowledge About Making A Business Out of Sports Events

    Meet The Host
    Anja Bolbjerg - 2x Olympic Moguls Skier
    For many years Anja has helped other athletes with targeted conditioning. With Athlete Story she has taken it one step further to guide athletes in life after sports. 

    She knows the athlete transition phase intimately from her own personal experience as an Olympian and from athletes she has worked with over the years.
    For most athletes, there's too much valuable experience, momentum and confidence getting lost after sports. Anja's mission is simple: to help more athletes regain that momentum and confidence in order to thrive and stand out in life after sports – instead of throwing it all away trying to "fit in."
    • Besides working on the Successful After Sports Summit, Anja spends her days between few personal clients, her Athlete Story community and her retreat facility project.
    • She studied engineering in the shadow of her skiing career, but after sports she has split her time as a self-employed between personal training, events organization and freelance writing and media production.
    • Anja is the only skier from her country (Denmark) to have ever won a world cup. She started competing at the age of 19.
    • ​After a career ending injury in 2004, Anja found herself back competing on the world scene in 2010, when she qualified for the Freeride World Tour. She retired from skiing second time around in 2012
    • ​She is currently pivoting from apartment living to ranch life with her partner and their project of opening a sustainable camp and retreats facility on a sunny Italian hillside overlooking the Mediterranean.
    Your Digital Access Pass Purchase is 100% Risk-Free with Our No-Questions-Asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
    Get instant LIFETIME access to all the expert sessions. You’ll be able to view and download them at your leisure. Whenever you want! Learn the information.

    Put it to the test. If you do not get results by applying the information presented by our experts, YOU PAY NOTHING. If you’re not fully satisfied — for any reason — within the first 30 days of your purchase, I promise to personally refund every penny you paid. No questions asked, no hard feelings. So are you ready?
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